Run Course

A historic run course taking you through the old town, in the old capital of Denmark.
Several remarkable spots will be passed, on this beautiful run course.

Anyway, dont get too excited – the run course will challenge you from the first step.
Cobblestones and steep hills will ensure, that there will be no world records on this course. 

 The start will be just in front of the cathedral, and will then take you past the old prison, the old court and then down to the foot of the long uphill climb.
On the top you will turn left, and downhill on Reberbanen (Reberbahn – … anyway, not what you think)
After turning left in the end of Reberbanen, you will get back on cobblestones and the old narrow streets. This will be a perfect spot to recover a bit, as the short steep hill, going below The Bridge of Sighs will start after 2 km. 200 meters with an average slope of 8% will be tough, especially on the last part.
On the top, you will turn left twice and then you will have the cathedral just in front of you – if you need another round, you turn left – if you are on your final lap, you turn right taking you around the cathedral and then to the finish line.


Bike Course

The bike course, is one of a kind – and will for sure give you some memories, especially for your legs.
Starting from the STARK Transition zone on Nytorv, you will have 500 meters with cobblestones before you hit the road – that will take you out of the city, and into a hilly and beautiful nature around Viborg.

The first technical section, will be after 3 km – where you will go behind the old paper factory. The road is a bit narrow (3-4 meters), and the surface will challenge you.
This is only a few kilometers, and then you will reach the high-speed zone of 3 kilometers, most days with tail wind – and will for sure be a fun section.
After this you will hit the first uphill section, and you will start with no speed – as there is a sharp left turn, just before. From that spot, there will also be rolling hills until the end of the course. If you haven’t trained enough, the hills will punish you.

After a long straight section, taking you from the village Rødding, back to Viborg – it will be a bit technical again, and when you reach Reberbanen you will get back on cobblestones. After a few hundred meters, you will reach the STARK Transition zone – stay left, if you is about to dismount – stay right, if you need another lap.


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